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OXMAN is a new kind of company fusing design, technology, and biology.

What we do

We invent multi-scale products and environments through radical ways of thinking and making that flow across hardware, software, and wetware. At this nexus, we unveil new knowledge and take on challenges that others consider impossible—allowing design to empower science and science to empower design.

Our interdisciplinary approach physically manifests in our work as well as in our space, which integrates a first-of-its kind atelier, workshop, and lab.

How we do it

Through our research and development arm, we invent platform technologies that enable design and production by, for, and with Nature. Our design work, in turn, augments our technologies both by informing and validating them throughout the development process.

Each platform can be applied across a range of industries and scales—from consumer goods to urban plans, from pharmaceuticals to apparel, from organisms to rockets. This cross-scale hierarchical design allows us to build a library of tools and techniques which can be continuously improved upon toward new applications and domains.

Nature as co-client

As activist designers, we call for a shift in the conventional definition of partnership—moving from a model of service and delivery to one of collaboration among ourselves, our clientele, and Nature.

We lead our partners within industry and academia in implementing Nature-centric values across their design, manufacturing, construction, and operational practices, toward the mutual benefit of their businesses and the natural world.

Collaborate with us

Core values


We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in everything we do. We apply our work with precision, meticulousness, and great attention to detail—always grounding it in evidence and reason.


While we strive toward excellence, we do so with playfulness and spontaneity. We believe in magic and we seek moments of serendipity, surprise, and awe that inspire new ways of thinking and being.


We are seekers of knowledge and truth. We pursue an intellectual and creative depth that is applied and embodied in the complexity of our work. We are relentlessly curious with a hunger to keep learning in search of greater understanding.


While we seek deep knowledge, we do so with an appreciation for the magical and inexplicable quality of life. We thrive in the unknown, forgoing conclusions in favor of questions and bravely pushing past the boundaries of our own experience.


We each possess a uniquely radiant and magnetic brilliance that is reflected in our work and in who we are as people. Together, we point our unique talents towards change, becoming a beacon for the world and beyond.


We meet every perspective with an open mind and open heart, celebrating ‘we’ over ‘I.’ We go beyond respect toward active elevation and amplification of others, letting go of our individual pride so that we can be embraced and enriched by others.

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