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We are growing a world-class team of designers, engineers, scientists, and makers committed to healing the rift between Nature and humanity. Guided by our bold vision for the future, we lead with brilliance and empathy, unafraid to take risks and never letting the ‘impossible’ get in the way of the scale of impact we wish to create.

With interconnectedness at the core of who we are, we welcome individuals with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to join our team in New York as we work together to discover and design more magic in the world.

Our principles

We pursue the profound.

We are explorers of profound questions. We work with energy, enthusiasm, and passion, unafraid to take risks and never letting the ‘impossible’ get in the way of the scale of the impact we wish to create. We actively share our vision with others through our work and its activation, revealing both new knowledge and hidden magic, and becoming a source of inspiration accessible to all.

We mediate dichotomies.

Entanglement yields more than segregation. Design and R&D, made and grown, Nature and humanity—our work not only demands this interdisciplinarity but also is made more meaningful through the mediation of these tensions. By seeing in gradients instead of absolutes, we allow each domain to augment the other, believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We thrive on complexity.

In Nature, homogeneity does not exist; every unit is unique and infinitely complex in its interconnections to the ecosystem it lives within. We reject analyses that propose discrete, stand-alone, or single-use solutions, instead embracing the complexity inherent in Nature across everything we do. We believe that it is only through this embrace that we can achieve truly transformational change.

We honor all forms of life.

While most design is shaped around the needs of humanity, life on Earth is far more diverse. We seek a Nature-centric approach that not only serves this diversity, but helps it thrive. From a microorganism to a coral reef ecosystem, we honor all forms of life in the design process.

We balance the timely and the timeless.

We consider and leverage the past and future in design. We meet timeless challenges with timely tools, employing the cutting-edge technologies and techniques of the modern world to address age-old questions. We meet timely challenges with timeless tools, integrating Indigenous traditions in our approach and inviting billion-year-old evolutionary processes into our work as our co-designers.

We nurture integrity.

We have a powerful internal compass that we listen to and nurture. It points us to honesty, virtue, and empathy. We consider the impact of our work on humanity, the natural world, and the future of both at every step, understanding that we are accountable for our actions.

Sfmoma Oxman 0906
Gemini Cinema. Womb-like structure with acoustic material properties designed across entangled scales
Aguahoja I. A biopolymer pavilion programmed to decay by design. Photo: Matthew Millman
Cofab Bee Cube
Synthetic Apiary II. Freeform honeycomb built by bees on a single rotating axis
18 Mask 5 Bottom
Vespers II. A person's final breath captured in a 3D printed death mask. Photo: Yoram Reshef

Open positions

OXMAN is seeking individuals operating across scales and domains. Successful applicants embody stellar technical skills in their respective field(s), can self-direct, and demonstrate a unique “language” of computing (software) / fabricating (hardware) / growing (wetware), or a combination thereof.

They have produced and can present a prolific corpus of digital and/or physical expressions rooted in process-driven design; exemplify a passion for systems-based thinking with a wide range of potential applications for their work; personify an appreciation for science; and seek synergy between biology and technology in research, practice, or their unity.

Successful candidates embody a “taste in being” combining the ability to take initiative with an aptitude for nurturing collaborative teamwork across disciplines. Industry experience combined with the ability to lead research, produce striking work, and maintain intellectual and aesthetic “freshness” is desirable.

If you’re thinking about a career in design, make it a calling; consider yourself drafted by Mother Nature.
Lazarus Child Holding Mask 01 Extend
Lazarus. Child with death mask. Photo: Danielle Van Zadelhoff

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