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Welcome to a new age of biological alchemy.

The works of OXMAN, The Mediated Matter Group, and Neri Oxman have been acquired by and featured in renowned museums around the world, including monograph exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

For every project, we consider context and motivation (Position), a physical intervention (Product), an enabling technology invented to produce it (Process), and a set of design principles or actions proposed to advance Nature and humanity (Policy).

Through our work, we develop the technologies to enable design and production at Nature’s scales. We can seamlessly vary the physical properties of materials at the resolution of a sperm cell, a blood cell, or a nerve cell. Stiffness, color, transparency, conductivity—even smell and taste—can be individually tuned for each 3D pixel within a physical object. This points toward an inevitable future where the natural and the artificial are indistinguishable and material property gradients may be programmed across space and time.

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